PROCARE Eyelash is a company specializing in eyelash extension products developed from utilizing know-how gained to date.
We constantly research and improve the safety and quality of eyelash extensions and techniques to satisfy more customers.
We therefore do not just import materials, but also develop them to suit delicate eyelashes and create the highest quality original products.
The service of eyelash extensions will only please customers if you have mastered the correct and safe techniques to apply them. By buying the mail-order extension kits we believe this will help customers to get this service.
PROCARE Eyelash also runs a school to educate eyelash extension professionals. We recommend you first learn the proper extension techniques at this school.

Company name PROCARE Lab Co., Ltd.
Owner Shao Yun
Established March 2000
Capital 60,265,000円
住所 〒102-0073 1-10-9, Kudan-kita, Chiyoda-ku Kudan VIGAS Building 3F
TEL 03-6910-0573