Q.Will the extensions hurt my eyes or skin?
A.We apply the extensions 1.5mm from your skin (eyelid) so there is no effect on your skin or eyes.
Q.My eyelashes are permed – can I still have extensions?
A.Yes, you can. However, if the eyelash perm is too strong, we may have to apply the extensions after some adjustment.
Q.How long do the extensions last for?
A.It is different for each person, but is usually between 3 and 8 weeks.
Q.Will I lose some of my own eyelashes or will they fall out?
A.As long as you don’t forcibly pull them or rub them too strongly, there is no problem.
You don’t have to worry about some falling out and looking patchy as was the case with traditional extensions.
Q.I have very short eyelashes – can I get extensions?
A.Yes, you can. There will be no problem with their beautiful look or their durability either.
Q.Is it possible just to buy the products?
A.We don’t sell just the products as a rule. However, if you have received training from another company
and can prove you have mastered the techniques and have applied extensions to a certain number
of customers, we will sell you our products.
Q.How long does training take?
A.The training takes approximately 6 hours. However, you will need to practice until you feel confident
enough to introduce extension application to your salon. We have an extension application
recognition system for those interested.
Q.Can men also take the training?
A.Yes, of course.
Q.Is it OK to train even without beauty salon experience?
A.Many new businesses and individuals have taken this training.


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